13 Feb 2019

This post is a personal welcome to my new website.

I had this domain for over a year now, but haven’t gotten to actually doing something meaningful with it. There was a bootstrap webpage with some info about me, but that was it.

What inspired me to start this website is the kind of need to contribute to the internet with different ideas, discussions and writeups. Sure, there are hosted blogs and all that, but I like the flexibility of doing it on my own, and at the same time learning about server administration. It’s also good to think stuff through and write about it. That actually pushes you to improve things because only then you actually see potential problems. You could even call it a variant of a Feynman technique.

You may notice that the site is pretty simple. That’s on purpose. I’m fed up with sites that need half a minute to load because of pointless baggage. There are others who also think that’s the case! The design is greatly inspired by the blog Code & Visuals by Yining Karl Li, which I also highly recommend.

Topics that I find interesting are Computer Graphics, Deep Learning, Computer Science and science in general. I hope there will be all kinds of things to talk about.

Any feedback is appreciated. You can always contact me by email.

That’s it for now, I hope I’ll see you again some time!